Category: Bible Stories

  • Samuel And Eli

    He was such a pretty little fellow with dancing black eyes and curly head, and he was going on a journey with his parents, Elkanah and Hannah. It was his first journey, and he could hardly wait for them to start. A few hours is a long time to a boy only three years old. […]

  • Jacob’s Dream And A Ladder That Reached The Sky

    “I wish I had a ladder that reached the sky. Then I would go up to the top and see what was there.” So said a boy whose eyes sparkled with delight after an evening’s talk and study of the stars. That was many years ago. The boy is a man now, and it may […]

  • His Little Sister – Miriam And Moses

    Two small figures crept cautiously along the banks of the river. The banks were wet and marshy and their bare feet sank into the muddy slime. Splash ! What was that? The girl drew the boy down beside her as she crouched low to hide herself and him among the tall, thick reeds. But it […]

  • The Turning Back Of Israel From The Promised Land

    Have you ever visited a military camp? If you have, and the soldiers had marched for months through dust and heat, often going for days with little or no water, and had just reached a place where water was plentiful and they could pitch their tents and rest, you have seen a camp something like […]

  • Opened Eyes – Balaam Cursing Israel

    To-day go up with me into a high mountain. From its peak there is a view, a most wonderful view, that I want you all to see. No, you will not need a field glass. The air is clear and your eyes keen, so that you will miss none of its beauty. Glasses are not […]

  • The Scarlet Cord

    RAHAB AND THE SPIES A number of frightened people were running back and forth upon the city walls. From the strong towers upon those walls warriors were anxiously watching a cloud of dust darkening the horizon. It had been there yesterday, but today it was rolling nearer and nearer to Jericho. Not a dweller in […]

  • Ruth And Naomi

    A little bird once told me that all young people, big and little, love a love story; so I’m going to tell you one. If you will turn to the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament—Now what is the matter? Why do some of you girls look so disappointed and say, ” The Old […]

  • The Little Maid Of Gilead

    JEPHTHAH’S DAUGHTER All people have birthdays once a year. ” My sister has a birthday only every four years,” interrupts one of my listeners. A leap year baby she must be. Think of it, her first birth-day cake can have four candles on it! But did you ever hear of anyone having four birthdays in […]

  • The Pot Of Oil

    She was very poor, and worse still, she was in debt. All she had was her two sons, and her creditor had told her that unless she paid her debts he would take her boys away from her and make bondmen of them. But she had nothing. What should she do in order to pay […]

  • Why The Waters Of Jordan?

    HEALING OF NAAMAN THE LEPER She was a lonely little girl as she stood in the garden in Damascus. Fruits and flowers were all about her in abundance, the house was beautiful, the people kind, but her young face was sad. The juicy apricot in her hand was untasted as she threw it from her […]