God And Hell

When the angels disobeyed God they were turned into devils. Then they were sent to hell forever. Adam and Eve also disobeyed God. But our Lord came to save us from hell. In hell the bad people will burn forever. They will be in real fire. They will be separated from God forever. All in hell will hate one another forever.

Children, you told me many beautiful things about the angels. You told me how good and holy God made them. What do our guardian angels do for us? How do our guardian angels talk to us? How do you think the angels can talk with one another? How fast can the angels travel ? What part of us is like the angels ? What is our soul called? What can our soul do after our body dies ? What part of us is made to God’s likeness?

What did God want the angels to do when He made them? Why did God want the angels to obey Him? How could they show that they loved Him? What did God promise to do for the angels if they would obey Him? How long would they be in heaven then? What’ great sin did some of the angels commit? What made the bad angels disobey God ? Who was the leader of the bad angels? What happened to the bad angels when they disobeyed God? How long will they be in hell? What are the bad angels called now ? What changed the angels into devils ? What is the worst thing in the world ? What does it mean to commit a sin? When do people turn against God? What is the only thing that can send people to hell ? What kind of sin sends people to hell ? What made Adam and Eve bad? Who told Adam and Eve to disobey God?

Do you know what form the devil took when he talked to Eve? He took the form of a serpent. He told her to disobey God. You can read all about this in the Book of Genesis. What form did the devil take when he tempted Eve? Where can you read about Cain and Abel? Whom did Cain kill? What kind of sin was that?

Where would all the people in the world go when they die if our Lord had not come to save us ? When will God forgive people that commit sin? What do they have to do if they want God to for-give them ? What do they have to promise God? What Sacrament do they have to receive ? Where does God want all the people to go when they die?

What kind of people go to heaven? What do we have to do to be good? How do we know what God wants us to do? Why did God give us the Catholic Church? Why did God give us the Bible? Why did God give us the Sacraments? Why does God want us all to go to heaven?

Whose fault is it if anybody goes to hell? How long will sinners have to stay in hell? Who will hate them in hell? With whom will they be in hell? How long will bad people burn in the fire of hell ? Who will torment the wicked in hell ? When will the people in hell have their bodies again?

Who is always trying to make people commit sins? Why does the devil want people to commit sins? Why does the devil want to take people to hell? Why does he want to take them away from God? Whom do people obey when they commit sin? Who is the father of lies? What does the devil promise people when he tries to lead them to commit sin? How do people feel after they commit sin? What kind of people are happy? Why does the devil leave when you make the Sign of the Cross? Whom does holy water help drive away from us? Why do you say in the Our Father?—”lead us not into temptation.” Why do you say?—” deliver us from evil.”

When will the Last Judgment take place? How many people will be at the Last Judgment? What will God say to the good people then? What will He say to the wicked people ?

What kind of gods did the pagans worship? Why did the pagans put so many Christians to death? Whom did they want the Christians to worship? Why were these Christians willing to die rather than worship false gods? How many of the Apostles were martyrs? Very many Popes were also martyrs. Nearly all the Popes, for three hundred years after St. Peter, were martyrs. They died for our holy Faith. Now tell me how many Popes died for our holy Faith the first three hundred years? Who told the pagans to put the Christians to death? Why does the devil hate the Pope and the bishops and priests ?

Do you know where the Christians used to go to Mass for nearly three hundred years after our Lord died? They used to go to Mass in deep caves. They dug those caves, which were many miles long, under the ground near Rome. Here they used to bury their dead also, and they became big cemeteries for Christians. They are called catacombs. Why did the early Christians have Mass under the ground? Why did the pagans kill so many thousands of Christians? What were these underground cemeteries called? Who made the pagans hate the Christians?

Who told us about hell? What did God tell us about hell? Who told us that bad people burn in hell? How long did God say that bad people will burn in hell? Who told us about the devil? How do we know that the bad angels disobeyed God? What Church teaches us all that God told about hell ? Who sent the Catholic Church to teach us? What person of the Blessed Trinity stays with the Catholic Church? Why does the Holy Ghost stay with the Catholic Church? Where can we read about the devils? What does the Bible tell us about the devils? Who wrote the Bible? How did God write the Bible?

You can read about hell in many parts of the Bible. You can read about it in St. Matthew’s Gospel (Ch. 24). There our Lord tells how on the last day the wicked will go into the fire of hell forever. Now in what part of the Gospel can you read about hell? What did our Lord say about the wicked? In which Testament of the Bible is St. Matthew’s Gospel? What does the Catholic Church teach about hell? Who told the Catholic Church all these things about hell? Why does the Catholic Church always teach the truth?

How long will the Catholic Church teach the truth?

With whom shall we be in heaven? How long will God love us in heaven? With whom will the wicked be in hell? How long will they be separated from God? Where do you think there will always be cursing and swearing? Why do the devils curse and swear? Why do they hate God? Who do you think was the first ever to curse and swear ? Who teaches bad people to curse and swear ? Why do bad people take our Lord’s holy name in vain? Why do you honor our Lord’s holy name ?

Where do people always hate one another? Where will we all love one another forever ? When will our Lord bring all the people back to life? What will our Lord say to the good people at the Last Judgment? What will our Lord say to the wicked? What is the worst thing in the world? What does it mean to commit sin? Who tries to get people to disobey God? When does the devil go around among people? How does the devil talk to people? What kind of thoughts does he put into their minds? Who puts good thoughts into your mind? What kind of people die happy? Why do you all love one another? Whose children are we? When shall we be united with our Heavenly Father?

What is the most terrible thing anybody can think about? How long will bad people be separated from God? What do you think is the worst thing about hell? How long will the wicked be separated from God? Who tries to get people to hate one another? Why does the devil want people to hate one another? Who wants us all to love one another? How many people does God love? What is God always willing to do for bad people?

Why do you pray for people who are unkind to you? What do you think the martyrs did for the pagans who put them to death? What did our Lord do for those who nailed Him to the cross? How do you ask God, in the Our Father, to save you from hell? When do you ask Him to keep you from the temptations of the devil? Why do you kneel and fold your hands when you pray? Why do you genuflect in the church? Whom do we adore? Why did the early Christians worship God in the catacombs? Who taught the pagans to kill the Christians? When was St. Peter put to death? How did the pagans nail St. Peter to the cross? What beautiful church stands on the place where St. Peter died? Where does God want all the people to go when they die? What do we have to do to get to heaven? Why do you like to obey God? When do people dis-obey God? Who were the first to disobey God? What happened to the bad angels when they disobeyed God? What happens to people who disobey God all their life? What kind of sin sends people to hell?






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