Category: Religion

  • Buoyancy

    UPON the waters of the Hudson tons of freight are carried in vessels and in long tows of canal-barges, and thousands of passengers are trans-ported up and down stream in steamers and across the river on ferries. The Hudson is a bearer of burdens; and that generations of believers discover in the living God. The […]

  • Serenity And Adventure

    THE Hudson River is part of New York harbor, or T perhaps we should say that New York Bay is part of the Hudson River, for geologists tell us that at one time the Atlantic Coast Plain stretched much farther out towards the East, and the ancient bed of the Hudson can still be traced […]

  • Beauty

    THE Hudson River adds incalculably to the beauty of the whole valley through which it flows. When a New Yorker wishes to give a visitor to his city an impression of its fine situation, he takes him to the Riverside Drive, where the broad band of blue water glints in the sunlight or provides a […]

  • Division And Unity

    WE think of the Hudson River as a dividing barrier, cutting off Manhattan Island from the mainland, and separating the states of New York and New Jersey. Religion has always been a divisive factor, compelling believers to draw sharp lines. Their faith enjoins certain things and forbids others. It presents them with alternatives of righteousness […]

  • God And Judgement

    Each one of us will be judged immediately after death. This judgment is called the Particular Judgment. Those who are free from mortal sin, at death, will be saved. They will go either to purgatory or to heaven. Those who die in mortal sin will be condemned to hell. At the end of the world […]

  • The Resurrection

    After our Lord’s death His soul went to limbo. At the same time His body lay sealed in a tomb guarded by a band of Roman soldiers. On the morning of the third day the stone suddenly rolled back from the mouth of the sepulcher and Christ came forth alive. For forty days He remained […]

  • Illumination

    IN that section of its course where the Hudson is used as a source of power, one frequently sees the force of the stream transmuted into an electric current, to furnish light for towns and villages. Men of practically all faiths have found illumination in their contact with God. The pages of the Bible are […]

  • Christ Founded The Catholic Church

    Forty days after our Lord rose from the dead, He ascended into heaven. Ten days later He sent the Holy Ghost upon the Apostles. Christ founded the Catholic Church to teach all the nations of the world. The Holy Ghost will stay with the Catholic Church until the end of the world to guard it […]

  • The Catholic Church

    Christ made the Apostles the first priests and bishops of His Church. He Himself taught them the Gospels and the Christian life. He gave them His own divine power so that they could bring His grace to the people. Christ Himself is the head of the Catholic Church. But the Pope rules the Church for […]

  • Divine Grace

    God is the author of life ; all life comes from Him. By our natural life we can live for this world alone. But God gives a new life to our soul by which we can gain heaven. It is the life of divine grace. By grace we can love God and thus save our […]