God And The Angels

God made the angels pure and holy. The angels are spirits; they are more perfect beings than men. The angels love God; they dwell in joy and peace with God. Our guardian angels watch over us. They love us very much; they speak to our hearts without words; they want to lead us to God. We love and honor our guardian angels.

Why did God tell us so many things about Himself ? Why does God want us to know Him? To whom did God speak first of all? Who came from heaven to tell us many things about God? Whom did our Lord send to teach us? How do we know all that the patriarchs, and the prophets, and our Lord, and the Apostles taught? What does the Catholic Church teach us? Which person of the Blessed Trinity stays with the Catholic Church?

What did God tell us about the Blessed Trinity? What book did God write? How did God write the Bible? How do we know what the words of the Bible really mean? Who sent the Catholic Church to teach us?

Where can we read about the angels? What kind of angels were the angels when God made them? What part of us is a spirit?

What can we do with our soul? Where is our power to think? Where is our power to will? How long will our soul live?

Whom do the angels love? Why do the holy angels love God so much? How long will the angels live? Why do you think the angels love one another so much? Why do you love one another ? Whose children are we all? How do you show that you love one another? How can you help all the people in the world?

What do we do with our free will? What do the angels do with their free will? What kind of beings can think? How fast can our thoughts travel? How long does it take your thoughts to travel to the sun and back? How fast can the angels travel? Of course you know the angels do not have to have a body to live. You see pictures of angels with wings ; that is just to show that they are different from us. Why can we not see the angels? What kind of beings can we see with our eyes? When will we be able to see the angels? Who is the greatest of all spirits? When shall we see God?

Did you ever hear how God converted St. Paul ?

I will tell you. St. Paul’s name was Saul. He hated the Christians. So he was hunting them to put them to death. One day he was riding a horse along the road when suddenly there was a great light around him. Then God spoke to him, saying : “Saul, Saul, why are you doing this wicked thing to me?” Poor Saul was sorry then for all that he had done. He was baptized and afterward became a great Apostle. He loved God very much. In the end he died for our holy Faith. You, can read about Saul’s conversion in that part of the Bible called the Acts of the Apostles.

Now, what did God say to St. Paul ? What had Saul been doing before God spoke to him? What did St. Paul do after that? What happened to St. Paul in the end? In what part of the Bible can you read about St. Paul’s conversion? It may be well to read this passage to the children, Acts 9.

What do the angels use their intellect for? In what part of us is our intellect? How do the angels know things? How do the angels see? Who has the most wonderful intellect of all? How much does God know? Who has the most wonderful free will ? If God wishes anything, what happens? What would happen if God wished for another world like this? How quickly would it be made? How do you think the angels talk to one another? How can they talk without words? Why can the angels see the thoughts in one another’s mind? Who knows all the angels? How many of the angels does God love? Who is Queen of the Angels?

Why did God send angels to watch over us? Why does God help us always to be good? Why does God want to have us in heaven?

What are those angels called that watch over us? Why do the angels love us so much? What do our guardian angels help us to do? Why do they want us all to love God ?

How often do you think your guardian angel prays to God for you? Who saves you from bad people sometimes? Did you ever hear how the angel helped St. Peter?

I will tell you. St. Peter was preaching to the people in Jerusalem. He was telling the people to believe in our holy Faith. He was telling them all that God wanted them to do. Then some bad people put St. Peter into prison. They put chains on his hands and feet and put soldiers there to guard him. They were going to put him to death the next day. But in the night an angel came, took off the chains, opened the door, and led St. Peter out of the prison. Now he was free. He went and bade good-by to the Christians, who were all together praying for him. That night he left the city. You can read about this in that part of the Bible called the Acts of the Apostles.

Now, what could you tell anybody about St. Peter and the angel? In what part of the Bible can you read about St. Peter and the angel? This passage might be read to the children, Acts 12. Why do you love your guardian angel so much? When can you pray to your guardian angel? What do you thank your guardian angel for? How does your guardian angel speak to you? What does your guardian angel put into your mind? How does your guardian angel want you to act in church? What good thought does he often put into your mind as soon as you get up in the morning? What thought does he put into your mind when you are going to bed ? What does he say to you when others are unkind to you? What thought does he put into your mind when some one strikes you? Why does he want you to forgive those who do harm to you?

Who told your guardian angel what to do for you? Who taught your guardian angel to love you? What do you say to God when you think of all that your guardian angel does for you? Why did God send His holy angels to take care of you? Why does God love you so much? How did the angel help St. Peter? What did God say to St. Paul ?

An angel once appeared to St. Philip, the Apostle. He told him where to go to teach the people. Of course God sent the angel to tell St. Philip this. You can read about this in the Acts of the Apostles. (Acts 8, 26.)






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