The Happiness Of Heaven

God made us to be happy with Him forever in heaven. Heaven is our true home. In heaven we shall be with our loved ones. We shall see God face to face. There can be no sorrow or suffering in heaven. Our bodies will be glorified. There we shall be happy with all the angels and saints forever. To go to heaven we must be good. We pray to God every day to ask Him to help us. We also ask the angels and saints to pray for us.

Children, you spoke about heaven the last time. Let us talk about heaven again. I am sure you have been thinking about it. Tell me, why did God make the world? How long shall we live on this earth? What will happen to us when we die? What will happen to our body then? What will happen to our soul? What kind of people go to heaven? What kind of people go to hell? What can you do after your body dies? What is your soul called? What other spirits do you know? What can the angels do?

Who is the greatest of all spirits ? How much does God know ? How much can God do ? Why did God make this world so beautiful? How many things show that God loves us? Whose children are we all? Where is our true home? What does God want us to do with the things in this world? Where will they help us to go if we use them right ?

Why do you like to think about heaven ? What kind of place do you think heaven is? Who is waiting for us there? Why does God wish to have us with Him? What do you think God has prepared for His children in heaven? Why do you love God more than anything in the world? Whom did the saints love all their lives? Who made the saints so holy? Why were the martyrs willing to die ?

It was to show their love for God. You know there were many young saints among the martyrs. St. Cecilia was a young girl. The pagans tried to make her deny our holy Faith. But she would not. They tried in every way to make her bad. But she prayed to God and God helped her. Then they killed her, and so she became a martyr. St. Cecilia died about seventeen hundred years ago. It was about 230 years after our Lord was born. Her soul went to heaven when she died. Her body was buried in the catacombs. Now her body is kept in the Church of St. Cecilia at Rome. Why do you think St. Cecilia was happy when she was dying? What kind of people are happy? Why did the pagans kill St. Cecilia? Where did St. Cecilia’s soul go when she died? Where did they bury her body? Who helped St. Cecilia to be true to God? Who helps you to be true to God? How did St. Cecilia show that she loved God ? How often do you think she used to pray? How often do you think she went to Mass? How do you think she acted toward others? St. Cecilia loved to read the Gospels. She liked also to sing at Mass. That is why she is always pictured playing the organ. St. Urban I was Pope when St. Cecilia died.

What did the saints think most about? Why do you think they were glad to be poor? What have the saints now in heaven? Why do you think the saints were glad to suffer? For what were the saints preparing in this world? Why did they think so much about God and heaven? How did that help them to love God more than ever? How long will we have the good things of this world? How long will we have the good things of heaven? What happens to people who live a long time in this world? How long shall we live in heaven? Tell me some of the dear ones you hope to be with in heaven.

What do you think will be the greatest joy in heaven? Whom shall you see face to face there? What shall you be able to see in God there ? What shall you know about God in heaven ? What shall you know about the Blessed Trinity ? Which divine persons shall you see ? When was our Lord born in this world? Who is our Lord’s mother ? How do you think you shall feel when you see how wonderful God is? What shall you know about God’s love in heaven? Whom will God love there? What will God do to show that He loves us?

When shall you have your body again? What will God do for your body when He brings it back to life? Why is God able to bring your body back to life after it has turned to dust? How much can God do? Why will God make your body glorious and beautiful in heaven ? Why will God fill you with joy and happiness in heaven? How do we know that God will do all this for us? Who told us about heaven ? What Church teaches us what God told us about heaven?

What person of the Blessed Trinity stays with the Catholic Church? Why does the Holy Ghost stay with the Catholic Church? Why are you sure that the Catholic Church always teaches the truth? Where can we read about heaven?

Who wrote the Bible? How did God write the Bible ? Who will be very, very happy on the last day of the world ? What will our Lord say to the just on the last day ? We can read about this in the Gospel of St. Matthew. You know the Gospel of St. Matthew is a part of the Bible. It is a part of the New Testament. In the Gospel of St. Matthew you can read how Christ will judge all the people of the world on the last day. All the nations of the world will be gathered before Him. He will place the just on the right and the wicked on the left. He will then tell the wicked to leave Him and to go into hell forever. But our Lord will say to the just : “Come, you blessed of my Father, come with me to heaven to be happy forever.” (St. Matthew 25, 34.) This is called the General Judgment. Now, what would you say if some one asked you where you can read about the General Judgment? In what part of the Bible is the Gospel of St. Matthew? Who was St. Matthew ? He was one of the twelve Apostles. Our Lord called Him to come and follow Him. Like the other Apostles, St. Matthew went with our Lord for three years. Who ordained St. Matthew priest? What did St. Matthew do for the people? Who told St. Matthew what to write in the Bible ? Where is St. Matthew now ?

Where are all the Apostles now? When will you see the Apostles?

How did the Apostles die ? Why did the pagans put them to death? How old was St. John when he died? When will St. John’s body be young and strong and beautiful? When shall we never be sick any more? Where will there be no sorrow or suffering? Where will there be no death? Where will the lame be cured ? What will happen then to those who have lost a hand or a foot? What will happen to the blind in heaven? What will happen to deaf people in heaven? What will happen to old people in heaven? How long will people be young and strong in heaven? Where shall we not have to eat to live? What will God give us for our taste in heaven? What will God give us to hear in heaven? When will poor people be rich? How long will they have everything in heaven? How long do rich people have their money on earth? How do we know so much about heaven? Why did God tell us about heaven?

Who sent the Catholic Church to teach us? What does the Catholic Church teach us to do? What Church taught the saints and martyrs to be good? Who helps the Catholic Church to teach us? Why do you pray every morning and evening? What do you ask God to do for you? For what do you thank God every day? Whose house is the church? Whom do you visit when you go to church? Why do you kneel and fold your hands when you pray? What do you do when you enter the church? Whom do you adore when you genuflect?

Who blesses holy water? What evil does holy water drive away from us? What sacrifice does the priest offer in the Church? Who was the first ever to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass ? What sacrifice did the Apostles offer? Why do we worship God? How do we show that we love God? What do we do to be good? Why do we pray and go to church and to Holy Communion? Where will we go when we die if we worship God all our life? What Church taught St. Cecilia to be good and true? When did St. Cecilia die? What Church taught St. Francis to be good and holy? When did St. Francis live? Why do you like to do all that the Catholic Church teaches? Why do you try every day to be good? Why do you pray for others? What can you do for bad people ? Why do you wish bad people to be good ? Why do you wish that all the people would love God?

Why do you like to help others? Why do you always try to be kind to others? Why do you try to be quiet when others are studying? How do you like to speak to others ? When shall we all be together? Whose children are we all? When shall we go home to our Heavenly Father? Why do you like to obey your father and mother? Who taught you to love and honor your father and mother? How long shall you be with your father and mother in heaven ?

Tell me now some of the things you can do to be good. Tell me some of the things God wants you to do every day. What does God want you to do for others? Why do you always try to use good manners? What does it show when you are polite to anybody? Why do you always respect others? What do good boys do when they meet a lady whom they know? Why are you happy when others show respect for your mother? Who is the holiest woman that ever lived? Why do you love and honor the Blessed Virgin Mary ? How can you show that you love others ? How many people does God love ? How many people do you love? How many people does God wish to go to heaven? Why do you pray for others ? What can the saints do for us? Why do we pray to the saints? Why do we pray to the angels?

When shall we leave all the things in this world ? What do you think people ought to do with the things of this world ? Why should we think more of heaven than of earth? When might you die? What are you getting ready for in this world? Why shall you keep from loving this world too much?

Now what could you tell anybody about heaven ? Tell me all that you think about it. Tell me the things that will make you happy there. Tell me about your soul and your body. Tell me about the saints and the angels. Tell me about God. Tell me what you do to be good.






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